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Hey there, Gamer.

Are you ready to take the leap?

You've got your ultrawide hi-res monitor for outstanding graphics with your fancy gaming headset for audio. But are you truly maximizing the full potential of the headset? For a truly immersive gaming experience, visuals and audio are both essential.

It's time. Take the leap from default audio. Regardless of how much you've spent on your gaming headset, its full potential will be underutilized without a good gaming DAC for a louder and richer sound. If you've ever felt that something is missing in your gaming experience, this is it.

Just plug, play, and enjoy.

There are endless audio solutions in the market. Where do you start? Our Sound Blaster G3 is a portable gaming DAC and amp that was designed to provide gamers with an easy, plug-and-play solution that instantly improves your gaming audio, without any extra work. Skip the exceedingly complicated multi-step setups, ain't nobody got time (or money) for that.

“...experience a far richer audio experience than I had before. When playing the remake of Final Fantasy 7, you can instantly tell the difference between having the optical cable and using it regularly.”

– Android Central

Enhance your gaming experience.

It's not just a volume boost for your speakers or gaming headsets. Enjoy better audio performance that's rich, clear, and powerful. Rediscover the details in your game's audio that you didn't even know were missing.

No matter which gaming setup you're on–PS4™, Nintendo Switch™, or even PC–you can achieve all of that with the Sound Blaster G3 without breaking a sweat.

“I love being able to plug it into the Switch too, it really amps things up and doesn't chew up much battery life either.”

– Eteknix

A closer look:

Built with form and functionality in mind, we made sure that all the features on Sound Blaster G3 are easy to use and conveniently accessible at all times, without having to unplug or exit your game.

Works with:


Instant game and chat volumeadjustment with GameVoice Mix.

GameVoice Mix is an audio mixer where you can balance the volume level of your game's background music (BGM) vs. the voice chat coming from your teammates at the other end directly through the dial control on Sound Blaster G3.

Especially during gameplays where communication is crucial, the GameVoice Mix feature allows you to tweak the audio balance instantly so that you can hear your team louder over the game's BGM, and vice versa. The best part is that once you've set it up for the first time, you don't need to go through the hassle of leaving your game screen to control the audio balance.

“I really enjoy being able to use this on my cheap pair of headphones on-the-fly without having to go into the system settings — which brings you out of the game — and change it from there.”

– Android Central

“...made a huge difference when playing on multiplayer was the game voice mix feature. It really made it much clearer and easier to balance out the game voice chat and sounds from the game. This saves you the trouble of fiddling around with the game or system menu to find that sonic sweet spot.”

– Geek Culture

Customize your EQ Preset
for different use

For starters, we've defaulted the EQ preset on the G3 as Footsteps Enhancer, a nifty feature that enhances your enemies' footsteps, and especially useful during gameplays where camping or sniping are involved.

You can further select other game-specific EQ presets such as Counter Strike, Fortnite, and Overwatch, or even make it yours by specifying your preference on the treble and bass settings! Easily accessible via our Creative app, simply tweak the 10-band EQ to your liking and you're ready to roll.

“Get it tuned how you want it and you'll likely only need the volume wheel once in a while, easy.”

– Eteknix

Creative app:
One mobile app, all the controls

Make on-the-fly changes to your audio settings on the Sound Blaster G3 with your mobile phone and skip the hassle of having to setup via a PC, especially if you're a gaming consoles-only user! Whether you want to make adjustments to your audio or mic volume levels, you can control the same settings on the Creative app, via Bluetooth.

With a whole lot more customization options from the EQ presets, to accessing the mic-monitoring feature, to changing your audio output from your headset to your speakers, the mobile remote app control is designed to deliver.

“indispensable for anybody who wants to make on the fly changes or simply can't bring themselves to dig into the back of a cabinet to start reconfiguring options in a firefight.”

– GameSpace

Perfect For Both Work and Play!

The Sound Blaster G3 doubles up as a great add-on to improve your conference calls and making sure that you sound more professional while communicating clearly all the time.