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Buy the Creative Communication Bundle (Wired)

Creative Communication Bundle (Wired)

USB Headset with Noise-cancelling Condenser Mic and Inline Remote & Portable Plug-and-play Hi-res USB DAC with Auto Mute and Two-way Noise Cancellation & Full HD Wide-angle Webcam with Dual Built-in Mic


Creative HS-720 V2


Communicate clearly and confidently with our latest Creative HS-720 V2 USB headset! Refreshed with a new, understated look and optimized for online meetings, the Creative HS-720 V2 is a simple plug-and-play headset that works with any PC or Mac, and is lightweight so you can use it comfortably for long hours without fuss!

The Creative HS-720 V2 is equipped with all the must-have features for work calls—a noise-cancelling condenser mic to block off unwanted noise, mic-monitoring (sidetone) feature that keeps you in check of how loud you sound to others, and a convenient inline remote that comes with easy access to mic mute button and calls pick-up.

Requiring zero extra software nor installation, this is the ideal USB computer headset for any working professionals who wants an easy and fuss-free headset experience.

30 MM
4.76 oz


Be Heard Clearly with Noise‑cancelling Mic

Let's face it. We all know that it's hard to concentrate during an online work call when it is constantly disrupted by noise in the background. And when it comes to presenting, being able to be heard clearly will keep your audience's focus on your online business pitch, and boost your work reputation as an effective communicator.

The Creative HS-720 V2 comes with a noise-cancelling condenser microphone for this purpose. This passive noise-cancelling boom mic works to pick up your voice over the surrounding noises, and ensures that you are heard clearly by your bosses and co-workers. Besides, the flexible boom microphone allows you to easily adjust it to any angle for the right fit.


Direct Mic Mute Control

We've all had that time where we're multitasking through our online meeting, and when someone unexpectedly asks for your opinion, there's the dreaded deafening silence as you frantically try to return to the web conference app to unmute yourself? Not an issue anymore. With a direct mute and unmute button located on the inline control of the headset cord, the Creative HS-720 V2 allows you to mute or unmute yourself easily with a press of the button. No unnecessary awkward silence needed.

If this sounds familiar to you—Hey, your mic is off; we can't hear what you're saying—you'll know the disruption that it often causes towards the discussion flow, especially for important online calls. Avoid being in that situation with the Creative HS-720 V2. While you're muted, the microphone button on the remote will light up in red so that you can keep track of your status. The inline control also features a direct call pick-up button, as well as the volume and playback buttons—all the necessary controls are conveniently available at your fingertips.

Mic Mute / Unmute Button
LED Indicator
Solid Red

Know How Loud You Sound

Ever been in an online meeting with people speaking so loudly, they sound as if they are yelling into your ears? When we can't hear ourselves, we have a tendency to talk louder than we would if we could hear ourselves.

With the Creative HS-720 V2's mic-monitoring (sidetone) feature, you'll be able to hear how loud you sound to the others, and consciously adjust your tone when necessary. This allows you to speak more comfortably without having to raise your voice unnecessarily, because that's pretty much the basic rule of any online meeting etiquette, really.

Press X1: Unmute Microphone / Mute Microphone
Press and Hold: Mic-monitoring On / Off
Playback Mode
Press X1: Play / Pause
Press and Hold 2s: Power On / Off
Call Mode
Press X1: Answer Call / Hang Up Call
Press and Hold: Reject Call
Press X1: Volume Up
Press and Hold 2s: Next Track
Press X1: Volume Down
Press and Hold 2s: Previous Track


Superior Sound for all use

Faithfully tuned for powerful acoustics, enjoy robust, rich, and detailed audio performance for all your calls, music listening, drama binge, and even games. Our HS-720 V2 headset is equipped with 30 mm Neodymium drivers on each side of the earcups to deliver enhanced digital audio straight to your ears.

Sound Blaster PLAY! 4


Really, online communications shouldn't be this complicated. Sure, the pair of headphones that came bundled with your phone works. But does that make your online calls any easier?

A must-have for any work calls, the Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 is designed to solve your video call woes by simplifying the way you communicate. It debuts our newest SmartComms Kit, packed with an array of smart communication software features such as auto mute and two-way noise cancellation guaranteed to redefine your video call experience.

We've also made sure to uphold our ethos in delivering convenience and quality with a direct mic mute button, Bass Boost and Dynamic EQs. Powered by high-resolution audio with a 192 kHz / 24-bit DAC and delivering clean audio clarity at 110 dB, you will never go back to the default audio on your PC again.

Now, it's time to change the way you take your calls.


Communicate Smarter with Smartcomms Kit

Our SmartComms Kit was developed to fix one common issue for Windows users—to simplify the way we communicate online—via a suite of smart communication features. Why fuss over mute controls or get distracted by unwanted background noises when you should be focusing on what matters instead? Plus, it can be used with any headphones or headsets with microphone, including those that comes bundled* with your mobile phones.

*Do note that the compatibility of PLAY! 4 with the button functions of your headsets are dependent on the respective manufacturer's implementation.


Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p


Enhance your online meetings with the Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p, which delivers full HD videos at 30 FPS, so you can present yourself professionally with realistic clarity in any environment, whether at home or in your office. UVC compliant and compatible with most popular video conferencing applications, the Live! Cam Sync 1080p is easy to use and quick to set up, so you can be ever ready for your online meetings and video calls, even the last-minute ones!



Can't meet in person? Fret not, you can create a similar experience with Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p! Meet online with sharp and fluid full HD video, where your face is captured clearly and naturally so you can lead the call with complete confidence. Whether it's an important conference call or a casual chat with your buddies, the Live! Cam Sync 1080p displays only the best of you.


You don't have to sit further away from your screen for the camera to capture more of you. Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p comes with a wide viewing angle that allows more to be captured without any optical distortion. With 77° diagonal field of view, it's wide enough for you to comfortably fit a small group of people into the frame for a mass conference call, but not too wide that you look small or risk showing too much.



The Live! Cam Sync 1080p is UVC compliant, this means that the webcam requires no additional driver installation and will work immediately when you plug it into an available USB-A port on your computer. It is also compatible with most popular video conferencing applications, so you can set up your webcam quickly and be ready even for the most last-minute meetings.


  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Messenger



That's why the Live! Cam Sync 1080p comes with an integrated lens cover so you can be in control over what you want to show. Protect your privacy from unwanted access to your webcam via spywares or other hacking tools by keeping your lens covered when not in use. Not only will you be safe from privacy intrusions, the lens cover also protects your lens from dust accumulation, keeping it clean for crystal clear video recording.


Gadget Guy

Remember that this is a DAC and an ADC – that means it can process sound both ways. Creative has taken the most common issues for video conference sound and made it extremely easy to find a cure. At the price, this is a great DAC, and a SmartComms app is a huge asset for working from home, online schooling, entertainment and more. If you don’t have Windows, it is still an excellent DAC that will improve how you sound.


Creative Communication Bundle (Wired)


Think Computers

The Play! 4 is extremely easy to use, you basically just plug it in and you are good to go. Being that it is so small you can easily fit it in your pocket or laptop bag.

Creative Communication Bundle (Wired)


Music | Photo | Life

Creative always delights me with new products that are multi-functional yet affordable. The Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 is an USB DAC supporting hi-res 24-bit 192kHz audio playback, improves mic performance with Smart Volume, SmartComms Kit, enhances audio experience with Acoustic Engine. For less than S$50, it is a useful addition to your tech arsenal for music listening, gaming, and communications.

4/5 Stars

Creative Communication Bundle (Wired)


Customer Reviews

J. Pereira

The camera set as a product of excellence. Congratulations Creative! Simple, easy to install and use... what else can we ask for?

k. tan

sharp image and great microphone pickup

H. S. Lin

Well received as described and very fast delivery.Quality of camera is more than expected and highly recommended.

A Closer Look

Package Contents

  • Creative HS-720 V2
    • 1 x Creative HS-720 V2
    • 1 x Quick Start Guide
    • 1 x Compliance Leaflet
    • 1 x Warranty Leaflet
  • Sound Blaster PLAY! 4
    • 1 x Sound Blaster PLAY! 4
    • 1 x USB-C to USB-A Converter
    • 1 x SmartComms Kit Guide
    • Quick Start Leaflet
    • Warranty Leaflet

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