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Buy the Sound Blaster Roar Carry Bag

Sound Blaster Roar Carry Bag

Fabric Mesh Zipper Bag for Sound Blaster Roar


The Sound Blaster Roar Carry-bag is a stylish fabric mesh zipper bag that is custom-designed for the Sound Blaster Roar speaker. The carry-bag's soft porous fabric mesh lets you operate your Sound Blaster Roar and blast your music even while the speaker is within the bag, so you can continue to enjoy your music while on the move. It is specially designed to allow easy access to Sound Blaster Roar's microSD port, power and USB connections. You can choose to carry it with the detachable hand strap or go hands-free by using the shoulder strap.

Available exclusively via Creative Stores.

Customer Reviews

T. Truong

Very good

J. d. Souza

Great, protective bag! my 2014 SB Roar still looks like new and it is 7 years old. I can still use the controls and never have to expose the Roar to dents and dings.

J. Cho

Perfect fit, and makes bringing around my SR20 must easier, and a better peace of mind.

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