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Buy the ZEN Power Adapter

ZEN Power Adapter


The versatile recharger and power supply.

Creative's ZEN Power Adapter charges ZEN™ MP3 players* and it's the perfect accessory for travellers, giving everyone the freedom to charge and power Creative MP3 players, quickly and easily. It comes with two different plugs and can be used across Europe.

*Not compatible with Creative ZEN Nano Plus.

A Closer Look


  • DC ZEN Vision
    ZEN Vision:M (ZEN Vision:M Sync Adapter Required)
    ZEN Touch
    ZEN Vision W
    ZEN Xtra
  • USB ZEN X-Fi 8GB/ZEN X-Fi with LAN
    ZEN Mozaic
    ZEN (2,4,8 & 16 GB)
    ZEN Stone with Speaker/Stone Plus with Speaker
    ZEN Stone/Stone Plus
    ZEN V/V Plus
    ZEN Micro/Micro Photo
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