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Buy the Creative SXFI CARRIER


Dolby Atmos® Speaker System Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer and Super X-Fi® Headphone Holography




Creative SXFI CARRIER heralds a new dimension in Dolby Atmos® soundbar technology with built-in Super X-Fi® Spatial Holography to create a new multi-speaker cinema experience on headphones. The SXFI CARRIER carries on the engineering marvel of the award-winning Sonic Carrier which has been dubbed by industry experts as the “soundbar of the gods”.

Jointly developed by Creative and Dolby Laboratories, SXFI CARRIER has the same sound signature as the 15.2 Sonic Carrier at less than half the size and at a fraction of the price. Even with a scaled-down size, SXFI CARRIER can transform your living room to provide a full-fledged cinema experience.

When there's a need to enjoy your movies privately at night without disturbing your family or neighbors, put on SXFI THEATER headphones (optional) to enjoy the same cinematic experience as you would on the soundbar.

It seemed like it is very real. Even though the whole soundbar is in front of me, I could hear the water and nature sounds happening behind me.

I can feel myself immersed, as though I'm in the cinema itself. The vocals [and] the clarity of the soundbar is very good.

...it's the world's smallest Dolby Atmos soundbar, so for those with space constraints it is excellent.

It's quite unexpecting that a single soundbar can give you this level of immersiveness.

...the surround sound feels very lifelike and real.

Sounds amazing, as if you are in a cinema.

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Dolby X Creative

The SXFI CARRIER is the first-of-its-kind Dolby Atmos® Speaker System (DASS) soundbar, featuring Dolby's new innovative acoustics concept that pushes the performance limits and capability of a compact soundbar to a whole new dimension.

We are thrilled to have partnered with Creative to bring this first-of-its-kind sound bar experience to consumers around the world. Consumers will be able to enjoy a breathtaking Dolby Atmos experience through an innovative acoustic design developed by Dolby, which is unheard of from such a small compact form factor.

Mahesh Balakrishnan,
Vice President, Dolby Laboratories

From the soundbar of the gods to the SXFI CARRIER with the same team that worked behind the scenes of our 15-driver Sonic Carrier, we managed to develop a soundbar that is capable of producing the same sound signature as the Sonic Carrier, at less than half the size, and at a fraction of the price.

Unyielding Engineering Excellence

With our decades of audio expertise, we designed and tested numerous prototype soundbars candidates to select the best for the SXFI CARRIER. This involves even more prototype speaker drivers of different shapes and size, positioned in all kinds of angling to finally arrive at the perfect Dolby Atmos® acoustics signature.

Only with this unyielding resolve in attaining engineering excellence were we able to achieve this new soundbar dimension.


How the SXFI CARRIER was developed

SXFI CARRIER defies the odds of driving high power output in the most compact form factor possible to deliver powerful audio reproduction without distortion—a feat that is unachievable without expertise, patience, and specially-crafted audio components.

The soundbar features a 7-driver system where each driver in the soundbar is individually driven by its own dedicated DSP-controlled amplifier. The arrangement of these drivers follows closely to a Dolby-designed acoustics concept, each crafted using top-notch, audiophile-grade components to deliver high-resolution audio for the ultimate home cinema experience.

The soundbar is accompanied by the redesigned, compact yet powerful wireless subwoofer to deliver the requisite bass performance that completes a compelling soundbar solution, and that can rival the real cinema experience.

The Dolby-designed acoustics concept wouldn't have been possible without our very own team's cutting-edge electronics design and audio engineering know-how. Together with Dolby, and after a series of iterative modifications and listening tests to determine the design parameters, the SXFI CARRIER is finally here.

Creative Sonic Carrier
Audio Quality
24-bit 192 kHz
24-bit 192 kHz
System Power
450W RMS
900W Peak
1000W RMS
2000W Peak
Audio Technologies
  • Dolby Atmos®
  • Supports 5.1.2, 7.1.2 Audio Channels
  • Dolby TrueHD
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Creative's Super X-Fi® Spatial Holography
  • Creative's SuperWide™ technology
  • Dolby Atmos®
  • Supports 5.1.2, 7.1.2 Audio Channels
  • Dolby TrueHD
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Creative's SuperWide X-Fi
  • Creative's SuperWide™ technology
  • DTS:X
L x W x H:
880 x 128 x 76 mm / 34.6″ x 5″ x 3″
L x W x H:
1521 x 151 x 96 mm / 59.9″ x 5.9″ x 3.8″
Wireless Subwoofer
L x W x H:
225 x 430 x 450 mm / 8.9″ x 16.9″ x 17.7″
L x W x H:
306 x 531 x 582 mm / 12″ x 20.9″ x 22.9″
US $999.99
US $5,999.99


Hear Each and Every Syllable

Ever watched a show where its cinematic sound effects were so overwhelming, you couldn't hear what the characters were saying? Increasing the volume makes it worse, because everything gets louder across the board, including the dramatic special effects.

We've resolved this on SXFI CARRIER by integrating our custom-designed, low distortion drivers with intelligent dialogue enhancing algorithm to deliver unusually clear, full bodied, and intelligible dialogue. This is then further enhanced by our dialogue processing technology, where the soundbar is purposefully tuned to intelligently detect and enhances vocals and spoken dialogue, making it easy for you to follow the story.

Surround All Around You

That familiar surround sound experience that you know from the cinema? It's now available, in the comfort of your home. With the personal involvement from Dolby's experts in which Dolby Atmos® surround technology is implemented, the SXFI CARRIER is set to provide you with the ultimate cinematic experience, and for all content that supports Dolby Atmos—even streamed ones like Netflix, Apple TV, and Prime Video.


Dolby Atmos® surround tuning with Dolby's experts

Height and spatial elements are important for a realistic portrayal of the drama and emotional turmoil of a great film.

Dolby Atmos® renders everything—from dialogue, to quiet scenes, to whirlwind action—with astonishing clarity, richness, detail, and depth. Unlike normal surround sound, with Dolby Atmos, sound moves around you in three-dimensional space. It adds an overhead dimension where a new sensation of height immerses you in the action, creating a full audio atmosphere and realistically depicting the objects moving overhead—like a helicopter in a war zone, or a songbird fluttering from tree to tree.

What sets the SXFI CARRIER apart from other Dolby Atmos speakers is the involvement from Dolby acoustics experts since conceptualization.

In accordance to the strict audio directivity guidelines from Dolby, we created waveguides that direct the sound from our height speakers in a controlled manner toward the ceiling, and then reflected back down at the viewer to achieve the effects. More importantly, audio sounds like it's coming from outside and above the soundbar as intended, rather than sounding like it's originating from the soundbar itself.

All About That Bass

Fitted with a 10” driver in a deceptively small enclosure, the accompanying wireless subwoofer punches way above its weight. You'll catch yourself holding your breath subconsciously as the smooth, yet remarkably powerful bass reverberates through the entire room. The scale and drama that we all know and love from cinemas—made possible by this compact subwoofer with a huge bass.


Our Bass Engineering Efforts

It's difficult to achieve an accurate and powerful bass performance across rooms of different sizes and shapes, and we worked through the challenge with countless of experiments testing subwoofer enclosure of varying sizes.

We then applied the combination of the acoustics design and DSP processing for the meticulous calculation of the bass response frequency to cater for room gains, guaranteeing optimum bass reproduction across different rooms types.

And this is the fruit of our labor! The SXFI CARRIER's subwoofer produces impressive bass extension, power, and quality to deliver clean, impactful bass that digs deep, without booming or sounding muddy. It's also detailed and precise, without distortion, nor leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

Super X-Fi

Best of Both Worlds

Been binge-watching the entire day and you need to switch over to headphones before the neighbours complain about the noise? If the thought of going back to stereo audio in your headphones is unbearable for you, Super X-Fi is bound to blow your mind.

Our Super X-Fi Spatial Holography recreates the soundstage of a surround speaker system in headphones, and personalizes it for you with Artificial Intelligence for a natural listening experience. Dolby Atmos cinema experience will be faithfully recreated with Super X-Fi.

On the SXFI CARRIER, Super X-Fi is available through a 3.5 mm headphone jack for any of your headphones, although a Super X-Fi certified one would be preferred. However, for the ultimate audio enjoyment, we strongly recommend using the low-latency wireless Creative SXFI THEATER headphones (optional).

Movies that are played over headphones with Super X-Fi sounds as spatially convincing and believable as they would within a cinema, or a multi-speaker setup, but with the benefit of audio privacy without disturbing your neighbors (and family) even when it's late into the night. Plus, you get the best seat of the house because Super X-Fi puts you right smack in the middle of the audio sweet spot—at all times.


How to Personalize Your Super X-Fi Audio

Each of us hears the world differently—our unique head and ear shapes affect how we perceive sound. Super X-Fi uses computational audio to personalize the headphone experience based on how you hear sound to give you the most optimized and realistic listening experience.

This is done by simply taking photos of your face and ears with your phone, via the SXFI App.


Personalize your Super X-Fi profile through an advanced Head and Ear-Mapping process.


Room-filling Audio, Not Speakers

Having full cinema-like audio in your home does not necessarily mean that you have to forgo half of your living space for an expensive surround speaker system.

Plus, our SuperWide™ technology expands the soundstage of your stereo content beyond the soundbar's physical size. You'll find that our SXFI CARRIER is one of the most compact soundbar systems that belies its size and brings out a full-fledged, cinematic audio experience in your home.

Smaller than the width of most TVs, it is crafted to be stealthy with a small footprint so that your content can take center stage. The SXFI CARRIER is elegant yet minimalistic, and is perfect for any home settings.

Incredibly Simple Setup

From unboxing to listening, the soundbar system can be easily installed within minutes in any home effortlessly, without the unwieldy mess of wires!

And you don't have to be a tech genius to set up the SXFI CARRIER. Simply plug in the HDMI cable between your TV and soundbar, and you'll be enjoying your new home entertainment system in no time. Cinema with all the comfort of home? Checked.

In addition, you can also setup your gaming consoles via the USB-C port, and enjoy the full surround envelopment for a realistic battlefield experience.

Creative App

Download our Creative app to get started in an instant! The app will bring you through guided setup, customize your EQ buttons, and more.



Be spoilt for choice with a multitude of connectivity options! The SXFI CARRIER features an extensive array of connections so it is accessible to everyone.

HDMI eARC port

You can now connect various source devices directly to your TV, and connect the HDMI eARC to SXFI CARRIER for lossless audio transmission of multichannel formats without any degradation in sound quality, and control common functions like volume adjustments and input sources directly via the TV remote control. It's fuss-free and clutter-free.

2 X HDMI 2.1 inputs

We understand that certain setups will require more HDMI inputs, thus, we have included two state-of-the-art, 8K compatible HDMI 2.1 inputs on the SXFI CARRIER. With HDR10, HDR10+ passthrough, and Dolby Vision Compatible, you can enjoy the maximum potential of your entertainment system-rich sound and high-resolution picture quality no matter your settings, even with your newest 8K TV!

3.5 mm headphone jack

Super X-Fi Spatial Holography is available through a 3.5 mm headphone jack for any of your headphones, although a Super X-Fi certified one would be preferred.

SXFI-out support

For the ultimate Super X-Fi audio enjoyment, we strongly recommend using the low-latency wireless Creative SXFI THEATER headphones (optional) by plugging in the SXFI TX wireless audio transmitter (available with SXFI THEATER) to the SXFI-out port.

USB-C audio and optical inputs

Connect to your gaming consoles and other devices to enjoy the same cinematic audio! Supports hi-res audio of up to 24-bit / 96 kHz with 7.1 channel input for the ultimate audio and visual gaming experience.

Bluetooth® 5.0 technology

Music streaming via mobile phones; particularly convenient when you just need some music to set the mood for any occasion.



The main thing here is the way the soundbar handles Dolby Atmos and creates a convincing surround sound with plenty of volume for getting the most from a movie soundtrack. If you want a soundbar with eARC, HDMI 2.1, Dolby Atmos and that brilliant Super X-FI holographic headphone support, the Creative SXFI Carrier is well worth checking out.



Tech Radar

The Creative SXFI Carrier is one of the most interesting soundbars we've seen so far this year, with both Dolby Atmos and the brand's own virtual surround sound on offer. Creative wisely pairs its Carrier sound bar with a sub to deliver an audible boom that will surely reverberate throughout the room – though it could use a few more features like Wi-Fi support and AirPlay/Chromecast.



What Hi-Fi?

"With gaming content, however, it's the Creative SXFI Carrier that shines. And the lively Dolby Atmos soundtrack of Forza Horizon 5 is engaging and dynamic on the punchy if slightly angular-sounding Carrier. "




Customer Reviews

R. Robinson

the complete sound system for a 4k tv with HDMI earc.


Sound perfect liked it very much

K. Y. Tan

powerful audio, wonderful build

A Closer Look


Speaker Configuration
2.1 system, Soundbar, Speakers with Subwoofer
Connector Type
HDMI 2.1, USB-in, Optical-in (TOSLINK), Bluetooth®, Aux-in, Headset-out, SXFI-out, AC Wall Plug, DC-in
Operating Temperature
Recommended Usage
Movies / Music, Gaming, Wireless Streaming
880 x 128 x 76 mm / 34.6 x 5 x 3 inches, 225 x 430 x 450 mm / 8.9 x 16.9 x 17.7 inches
Subwoofer: 12.8 kg / 28.2 lbs, Soundbar: 3.6 kg / 7.9 lbs
Frequency Response
25–20,000 Hz
Power Output
Soundbar: 1 x 250W RMS, Subwoofer: 1 x 200W RMS, Total System Power: Up to 450W RMS
Bluetooth® Version
*Stereo Bluetooth or A2DP profile enables wireless transmission of full stereo sound to other Bluetooth devices. To determine whether your device (notebook, PC, or mobile device) is equipped with A2DP-enabled Bluetooth technology, refer to your device manufacturer's documentation / website for more information., (A2DP) Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
Operating Frequency
2402–2480 MHz
Operating Range
Up to 10m / 33 ft*, *Measured in open space. Walls and structures may affect range of device.
Wireless Codecs
Super X-Fi®, Dolby Atmos®
Remote Control: Yes
Playback: Yes
Volume: Yes
Power: Yes
EQ Modes: Yes
Bass / Treble: Yes
Bluetooth Pairing: Yes
Source Toggle: Yes
Supported Platforms
TV, PS5, PS4 Series, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Mobile (via Bluetooth®)
Package Contents
AC Cables, IR Remote Control, AAA Batteries, AC Power Adapter

System Requirements

  • Windows 11, Windows 10 Creator's Update Ver. 1703 or later for USB audio (USB Audio Class 2)
  • 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Bluetooth with A2DP stereo support

  • 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Bluetooth with A2DP stereo support

  • Ver. 7.0 and above
  • 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Bluetooth with A2DP stereo support

  • Optical output
  • HDMI

  • HDMI

Package Contents

  • Creative SXFI CARRIER Soundbar
  • Creative SXFI CARRIER Wireless Subwoofer
  • Remote Control
  • AC Power Adapter
  • AC Cables
  • AAA Batteries
  • Quick Start Guide


2-year Limited Hardware Warranty (EU Countries)

1-year Limited Hardware Warranty (Non-EU Countries)

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