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Buy the Creative Pebble V3 + Creative BT-W3X Bundle

Creative Pebble V3 + Creative BT-W3X Bundle


Creative Pebble V3


Building on the popular Pebble Series, our newest Creative Pebble V3 is now louder, bolder, and more powerful than ever!

Utilizing just a single USB-C connection for both audio and power, enjoy amplified USB audio from Creative Pebble V3 with doubled audio intensity as well as improved acoustics performance! The 2.0 speakers also offer a wireless connectivity option so you can enjoy wireless streaming from mobile devices with the latest Bluetooth® 5.0.

Plus, Creative Pebble V3 features Clear Dialog audio processing technique, to achieve clearer spoken dialog in movies and shows. Retaining the same minimalistic design for any desktop, it is an ideal addition to any home, office, or even gaming setup!

Multiple Setup Options

And where versatility meets flexibility, the Creative Pebble V3 can be powered via USB-C or with a power adapter, and set up over various connectivity options! It also has a 3.5 mm AUX-in jack that allows for universal compatibility across other analogue audio devices.

USB Audio

+ USB-A to C Converter if required

Bluetooth 5.0

For Wireless Playback


For MP3 / Other Audio Players

*AUX-in cable and power adapter are not included

Creative Pebble V3 is a plug-and-play device and do not require driver installation. For PC users, Creative Pebble V3 will be automatically detected when you plug in the USB cable. If you have multiple audio devices connected to your PC, you can also manually select Creative Pebble V3 as the default output speaker in the ‘Sound' setting. For Mac users, there is one more step to take:

Setting up Creative Pebble V3 on Mac

Step 1

Connect Creative Pebble V3 to your Mac via USB cable.

Step 2

Adjust your audio settings. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Sound, then click Output to select ‘Pebble V3”.

Creative BT-W3X


Step up on your wireless experience and enjoy seamless audio playback with Creative BT-W3X! With Bluetooth® 5.3 and aptX™ HD codec, connectivity issues are reduced to a minimum, and you will always get the most optimized Bluetooth audio regardless of where you are and what you are playing.

Creative BT-W3X at a glance

Smart Bluetooth codec

Higher quality Bluetooth audio transmission

Switch between paired devices easily

Convenient Hands-free Call

High Definition Audio


It's smart and reliable

Creative BT-W3X offers high-definition 24-bit audio at 48 kHz when streaming with aptX HD. Along with Bluetooth® 5.3, enjoy stable, high-quality, and reliable connection for your music, movies, and games. It also automatically chooses the best available audio codec supported by your device, so you are guaranteed the best possible Bluetooth audio every single time.

LED Indicator
Maximum Bit Depth
Maximum Sample Rate
Solid Gold
Connected with aptX HD
48 kHz
Solid Green
Connected with aptX
48 kHz
Solid Blue
Connected with SBC
44 kHz


It makes life simpler

Forget the hassle and repetitive steps of disconnecting, searching, and pairing whenever you want to switch between your Bluetooth headphones and speakers. The intuitive device switching function on Creative BT-W3X allows you to easily change the output device you are connected to, with literally just press of a button.

Example: When you are reconnecting to previously paired devices
The usual (and troublesome) way
  1. Disconnect Device 1
  2. Power on Device 2
  3. Look for Device 2 in the list of Bluetooth devices
  4. Connect to Device 2
The Creative BT-W3X (and simpler) way
  1. Power on Device 2
  2. Press the Bluetooth button on Creative BT-W3X once

It remembers up to 4 devices for easy switching, in the sequence of their initial pairing.

Forgot the sequence of your devices? Fret not, download and install the Creative app on your PC to check the remembered devices. You can also select nearby devices to pair with, or redo the whole list of connected devices easily via the software.

Guide to LED Indicators and Device Switching
Device Switching
LED Indicator
Flashing Blue
Bluetooth pairing mode
Blink White 1x
Searching and connecting to Device 1
Blink White 2x
Searching and connecting to Device 2
Blink White 3x
Searching and connecting to Device 3
Blink White 4x
Searching and connecting to Device 4
When Connected
LED Indicator
Solid Gold
Connected with aptX HD
Solid Green
Connected with aptX
Solid Blue
Connected with SBC



I've always wanted a set of pretty, cheap speakers that sound great. Creative delivered with the Pebble V3.

Creative Pebble V3 + Creative BT-W3X Bundle


Expert Reviews

The Creative Pebble V3 not only sound great for the money, but they also look good on your desk and don’t take up much room. Add Bluetooth connectivity into the mix and it’s easy to see why we selected this set as our runner up in the category.

Highly Commended

Creative Pebble V3 + Creative BT-W3X Bundle



The Creative Pebble V3 are a huge upgrade for your desktop audio, and they’ll work with your mobile phone, PC, laptop and more. Not only that, but they look stunning too, which is something other speakers in this price range often fail at.

Creative Pebble V3 + Creative BT-W3X Bundle


Customer Reviews

T. W. O.

Creative Pebble V3 is perfect for both laptop and desktop. Thanks to single USB-C cable for both audio and power. Don’t forget useful Bluetooth for mobile devices too. Enjoy ultra crisp and clear music all day long.

C. C. Tng

Am loving the speaker.. small but powerful. Highly recommended

B. Wong

I am very happy with my first ever speaker. Especially with the quality and features. Ships in very fast as well for Malaysia.

A Closer Look

Package Contents

  • Creative Pebble V3
    • 1 x Creative Pebble V3 Satellites Speakers
    • 1 x USB-C to USB-A Converter
    • 1 x Warranty Leaflet
    • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • Creative BT-W3X
    • 1 x Creative BT-W3X
    • 1 x Quick Start Guide
    • 1 x Warranty and Compliance Information Leaflet

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