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Buy the GigaWorks T20 Series II

GigaWorks T20 Series II

2.0 Multimedia Speakers




Professionally Designed for Hi-fi Music Playback

The new GigaWorks T20 Series II propels audio enjoyment to a whole new level of acoustic fidelity - over its award-winning predecessor, the GigaWorks T20.

This two-way speaker design comes with BasXPort™ technology, delivering excellent full range audio with rich extended bass, eliminating the need for an actual subwoofer. The silk dome tweeter with woven glass fiber driver produces crystal clear highs with full-bodied midrange for an unrivalled acoustic experience.

A perfect complement to your lifestyle, the stylish GigaWorks T20 Series II is built to recreate realistic live music experience in your home, giving you rich, full audio like no other.


Two-way Design

Ingeniously designed for enhanced bass without the need for a subwoofer, the tweeter and mid-range driver layout help deliver balanced and natural audio.

Glass Fiber Cone Driver

The high-performance driver delivers natural and accurate lower frequency response - ideal for music of any genre. It can also withstand high temperature and humidity levels without affecting its damping properties.

Cloth Dome Tweeter

Dedicated tweeter that gives you crystal clear highs, complete with wide-spatial imaging.

BasXPort Technology

The BasXPort is acoustically engineered to enhance the lower frequency range by efficiently channelling sound waves from the inner chamber to the soundstage. This allows the speaker to deliver a more pronounced mid-range for a warmer, natural playback.

Convenient Front Access to Key Functions

Get the bass, treble and volume you want with the easily manoeuvred controls. For private listening, simply plug in your headphones. The Auxiliary-In port also makes connecting to external devices, such as your Creative MP3 players, more convenient than ever.


Extend Your Entertainment Options

Use the dual RCA-to-stereo adapter and connect the speakers to your LCD TV, DVD player or gaming console and enjoy solid audio entertainment.


Tom's Guide

The bass is powerful. There is no subwoofer so don’t expect to send the walls trembling. When compared to other 2.0 solutions, it does rather well.

4 out of 5

GigaWorks T20 Series II



These speakers reveal small details in a similar fashion to my home setup, and are very crisp and lively. This is most likely due to the fact that they have dedicated tweeters.

GigaWorks T20 Series II


Customer Reviews

m. williams

fantastic speakers,i recently bought a new flat screen tv and the sound was terrible,i connected a set of GigaWorks T20 Series II and now the sound is absolutley amazing,i dont now how creative do it with such small spekers that manage to fill the room with sound,perfect

C. Sng

Small but powerful and good sounding speakers. Audio do not get distorted even if I turn the volume to maximum. The retro controls and aesthetics are pleasure to use and admire. I am very satisfied with this purchase!

E. L. Ng

I really love this 2.0 setup. The reviews I read online were not exaggerating at all. This small and neat 2.0 setup is able to deliver strong bass and good clear mids and highs. I was surprised that I could feel the thumping despite the lack of a subwoofer. Sound does not get distorted at higher volumes. I read complaints about the speaker going into standby mode after some time, however, that did not affect me at all. Stylish, small, compact and delivers great sound! Worth the money!

A Closer Look


Speaker Configuration
2.0 system, Computer Speakers
Connector Type
Aux-in, AC Wall Plug
Recommended Usage
Movies / Music, Gaming
230 x 88 x 143 mm, Left: 230.0 x 88.0 x 143.0 mm, Right: 230.0 x 88.0 x 143.0 mm
Cable Length (End-to-end)
Cord: Approx 1.5m
Frequency Response
50–20,000 Hz
Power Output
Satellites: 2 x 14W RMS
Volume: Yes
Bass / Treble: Yes
Supported Platforms
Windows PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch
Package Contents
1 x 2-meter 3.5mm Stereo to Stereo Audio Cable, 1 x Stereo-to-Dual RCA Adaptor, 1 x Stereo-to-Stereo Audio Cable

Package Contents

  • A pair of stereo speakers
  • Stereo-to-stereo cable (2m)
  • Dual RCA-to-stereo adapter (TV adapter)
  • EU AC power adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty and Technical Support Booklet


2-year Limited Hardware Warranty (EU Countries)

1-year Limited Hardware Warranty (Non-EU Countries)

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