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Does the Sound Blaster GC7 have Bluetooth®?
The Sound Blaster GC7 comes with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which allows users to manage the device from mobile devices via the Creative app. Note that BLE only allows for controls like editing of device settings, toggling functions on or off, and is not meant for audio playback (I.e., you cannot connect Bluetooth headphones to the device for wireless playback.)
What devices can I use Sound Blaster GC7 with?
You can enjoy the full features of Sound Blaster GC7 across various platforms, including PC / Mac, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and Android Phones.
Is the Sound Blaster GC7 compatible with all PC games?
Yes, you just need to configure the game audio settings to output audio for 5.1 or 7.1 speakers and to disable any built-in headphone virtualization feature. Also, remember to configure your PC to output 7.1 from the Windows Sound Control Panel.
Can I redo my Super X-Fi profile by capturing the images of my ear and face another time?
Yes, you can do that anytime by tapping on the 'Personalize' menu item in the SXFI App. After you personalize your Super X-Fi profile again, you will need to transfer your new profile to the Sound Blaster GC7 again.
Can I use the SXFI BATTLE Mode and Scout Mode at the same time?
No, SXFI BATTLE Mode and Scout Mode utilize different processing technologies and cannot be used simultaneously. Similarly, Super X-Fi and Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine cannot be used together for the same reason too.